Top E-commerce companies in the world

Top E-commerce companies in the world

The arrival of E-commerce platform has brought a change in the traditional shopping. E-Commerce also called as electronic commerce or online commerce refers to conducting the business activities over huge electronic networks like the internet. It denotes buying and selling over the internet. It makes use of technologies for its daily activities.

E-commerce makes use of the website or an app that will showcase the product categories and list the products available under them. It also provides the product features and takes for a smooth flow of purchase for the online shoppers.

1) Amazon

Amazon founded by Jeff Bezos, in the year 1994 is one of the top e-commerce companies. It is based in Seattle; Wash.Amazon uses the cloud technology platform and is the largest retailer in the world which provides its services over the internet. During the initial years, Amazon started by selling books, TV shows, and films.

At present, Amazon extended it services to an extensive range of products under one roof. It includes electronics, food, grocery, clothing and many more. Amazon provides various deals on daily basis and also during festive times.

Amazon provides a website and also an app for the users to make their online shopping easy. The interface helps the user to place the order of their choice, make payments online, track the orders and also provides return and refund of items if not satisfied. Due to its excellent services and management, Amazon is known as one of the top e-commerce companies in the world.

2) Alibaba

Alibaba, yet other top e-commerce companies, has its origin from China and it was founded in the year 1999. It is a platform for wholesale trade. caters to many buyers and sellers across the world. has bought a change in businesses activities for its operations, sales, and marketing. This top e-commerce company provides the services that are technology enabled. It enables the merchants and other business to influence the usage of internet to communicate and deal with their customers and users. is a one-stop platform which focuses on many products across various categories that include electronics, clothing, machinery, home and garden and many more. This top e-commerce company is accessible anytime and anywhere through the technology platform that they provide to the users. Due to its core commerce and usage of technology like cloud computing and digital media in the business, it is ranked the top e-commerce company in the world.

3) Walmart

Also regarded as one of the top e-commerce company, Walmart is like the normal Walmart store. provides a wide range of products that are of supreme quality. Apart from products they also provide friendly service and have daily offers at low prices.

Walmart, headquartered in San Francisco in the year 2000 is a controlled by Walmart stores, Inc. The main goal of this top e-commerce company is to get their customers a unique approach to shopping on the internet.

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